Wine Grape Bonsai Chardonnay Outdoor Bonasai Tree Deciduous 11 yrs 18" tall

$ 99.95

Wine Grape Bonsai Tree

  • 11 years old, 18" tall from top of table
  • Outdoor Fruiting Bonsai Tree
  • Promotional humidity/drip tray is available; see options
  • May ship w/o foliage during Autumn & Winter
  • Free Shipping

Chardonnay is one of the most famous green skinned grape variety used to make white wine. It originated in Eastern France and is now grown at many winery's from England to New Zealand. Chardonnay remains as one of the most widely consumed wine.
Available 12 months a year. Will have no foliage during winter months
Deciduous. Keep Outdoors

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Each of our premium bonsai trees is an individual; your tree will be the age and height described, photo is representative of the type and style of tree but is not a picture of the exact tree that will be shipped Please read our Tree Photo Notes & More Info Link in the Footer