Tangerine Citrus Bonsai Tree Seedless Indoor Fruiting Bonsai 8 yr old 12" tall

$ 99.95

Flowering Tangerine Citrus Bonsai Tree Seedless
(Kishu Mandarin)

Historically named Tangerine from Tangier, Morocco, the port from which the first tangerines were shipped to Europe.
The Tangerine is an orange or red colored citrus fruit, a type of mandarin orange. They are smaller than most oranges and the skin peels off more easily. Tangerines are slightly hard, heavy for their size and pebbly-skinned.
Our edible tangerine has shiny evergreen leaves and marvelously fragrant white flowers. Fruit and flowers appear over the course of a year, often at the same time.
Very easy indoor care.


  • 8 years old, 12" + tall measured from the top of the table
  • Recommended fruiting indoor bonsai
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