Professional Bonsai Soil - 10 Lb (5 QT)

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Professional Bonsai Soil

  • 10 lb. bag ( 5 Qt.)
  • Professional bonsai soil
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Those who practice the art of bonsai known the very special qualities that professional bonsai soil imparts to soil mixes.  Its unique properties help provide free passage of air & water to roots, while significantly reducing soil compaction.
This unique bonsai soil is produced by expanding & vitrifying selected shale in a rotary kiln at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees F.
This process makes the soil both sterile & environmentally inert; becoming a natural non-toxic, highly absorbent ceramic granule, with a neutral PH.
These granules are dimensionally stable and will not degrade like other amending products.  There is no need for it to be re-applied year after year.
Use: can be blended with your soil mix or used by itself.
Please note: this professional mix is also available in 2lbs. ( 1 Qts.) and 20lb Bags in other listings
I have included a photo of the 2 lb bag because it provides a closeup of the soil

General Information Re Bonsai Soil
A good bonsai soil profile is approximately 25% water, 25% air and 50% solid particulate matter.  However, over time as soils are compacted, an imbalance occurs.  Solid particles press together; water and air are squeezed out.  Less pore space leaves soils too dense for the efficient movement of air, water and nutrients; causing the loss of favorable environment for the beneficial microbial activity necessary in a healthy growing medium. 
Our professional bonsai soil absorbs excess water during rain or watering, then slowly releases this excess water as the soil dries acting in effect like a time release capsule.