Oriental Ficus Bonsai
3 Tree Group ficus benjamina orientalis
6 yr 11 - 14" T

$ 85.95

Oriental Ficus Bonsai 3 Tree Group
(ficus benjamina 'orientalis')

  • 6 yrs old, 8"-10" tall from top of table
  • Recommended as Indoor Bonsai Tree
  • Humidity/drip tray (& Pebbles) are available Options
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  • Fig species which is native to South and South-East Asia. This evergreen tree is particularly good for bonsai training as they produce sturdy trunks, good branching characteristics and shiny leaves.
    Planted as a 3 Tree Forest Group, in a Ceramic Pot, this Ficus can be moved outdoor in summer, but makes a great indoor plant the year-round. Best placement is in a bright window with all day sun; the brighter the location, the more compact the growth..