Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree (pinus mugo 'valley cushion')
Outdoor 11 yr 9" - 11"T

$ 174.95

Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree
(pinus mugo 'valley cushion')

  • 11 years old, 9" - 11" tall
  • Outdoor Evergreen Bonsai tree
  • Grown and Trained in the USA
  • Promotional humidity/drip tray is available, see options

  • Pinus mugo; commonly called dwarf mountain pine or Swiss mountain pine.
    Mugo Pine is a dwarf evergreen with dense growth habit and is among the most popular for the Dwarf Conifers. Native to the High Alps, Apennines, Pyrenees Balkans and Tatras of Europe; in the wild, they extend into the sub-alpine & alpine zones. However, they will grow in most mildly acidic soil as long as it is well drained and in Full Sun.
    Hardy to -50 degrees F; Zones 2 to (since they like cool summers) zones 7 or 8 depending on your local conditions. They do very well in the colder areas of the USA .Keep outdoors
    Slow grower; pruning should any be needed, is done in Winter but this plant maintains it's compact shape well. These characteristics make it a popular plant for bonsai culture.

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