Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Five Tree Froest Group - 15" Tall 5 & 8 yr Old Trees Indoor Bonsai

$ 117.95

Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree - Five Tree Forest Group
(Arboricola Schefflera)

Wonderful Beginner & Indoor Bonsai !
This versatile tree is great for home, office, dorm or anywhere.  These Trees do well in both low to high lighting conditions. 
This is the tree that we recommend if you are inexperienced with bonsai; you do not have a green thumb; are purchasing a gift for someone. In our opinion it is one of the easiest bonsai trees to care for and is a very beautiful trouble-free evergreen.
We grow 5 trees together in a pot to give the appearance of a grove or forest scene.

  • Combo of 5 to 8 years old, 16"x12"x15" tall from top of table
  • Potted in an 11" oval brown mica container
  • Promotional humidity/drip tray is available
  • To purchase our Promotional humidity/drip tray, choose the Add a Tray Option.  FREE Pebbles with this Tray!
  • A promotional Drip Tray Purchased with a Tree Ships Free
  • Great for indoors.