Gardenia Bonsai Tree Flowering Multi Trunk Style 8 yr approx 14" T

$ 62.95

Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree Multi Trunk Style
(gardenia jasminoides 'miami supreme)

  • 8 yrs, 14" from table
  • Indoor Bonsai in most of USA
  • Grown & Trained in the USA
  • Humidity/drip tray & Pebble are Options
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  • The irresistible large white fragrant flowers of the Gardenia explode with blooms from May to August under ideal conditions. The tree has dark green waxy foliage and makes a beautiful contrast to the delicate flowers.
    In ground this tree is hardy in Zones 8 thru 10. However, as a Bonsai it needs added protection in colder climates then about Zone 9; depending on your local conditions. It would love living outdoors on your patio from spring to fall, for optimal blooms.
    Over winter Indoors in most of the USA.