Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai ehretia microphylla
Indoor Flowering Bonsai
9 yrs 10" Tall

$ 97.95

Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai
(ehretia microphylla)

  • 9 yrs , 10" tall from table
  • Flowering indoor bonsai
  • Grown and trained in the USA
  • Potted in Ceramic Container
  • Finished with Decorative Pebbles
  • Humidity/drip tray (& Pebbles) are available options
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  • Native to the Fukien province of China; today it is found from India and Malaysia to the Philippines. This tree is a favorite for Bonsai throughout Asia.
    The foliage is dark green and naturally small in size. Usually oval, the foliage can be irregularly shaped margins. This tree has charming tiny (1/4") white flowers which can bloom at any time. If pollinated, the flowers produce small berries which turn red and darken with age. Pollination will usually not happen indoors; but tree Loves heat and will do well outdoors in summer.
    Keep well watered but not soggy, Fukien Tea Tree like it's soil to be kept moist, likes Misting & Humidity, but does NOT like "wet feet". A Humidity Tray is advised in climates where indoor conditions tend to be dry.
    Our tree has been trained in the traditional cloud layered style, with a curved trunk.
    Fukien Tea Tree loves heat and bright locations, It will not do well outdoors in cold climate winters. Though it can survive winters as low as 60 F, with occasional dips to 40F for Short time. Our has been raised indoors & is considered an Indoor Bonsai in most of the USA.
    Loves the heat and does very well indoors.