Flowering Premna Bonsai Tree (premna obtusifolia) Indoor 18 yr 14" - 16" tall

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Flowering Premna Bonsai Tree
(premna obtusifolia)

Premna is the genus of flowering plants in the mint family.  A tropical tree often used for bonsai in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia.
In the United States, we especially like it for bonsai; it has few pest problems and the leaves reduce very nicely.  Admired for it's unique texture of the trunk bark; fissured & flaky, of a brownish-grey color.
Though as Bonsai Permna is not grown primarily for its flowers or fruit, it can develop clusters of small greenish-white flowers in crowded corymbs. The fruits are small and green, becoming purple when mature.
Does very well indoors.

  • 18 yrs, 14" - 16" tall from top of table
  • Flowering Indoor Bonsai tree
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