Ficus 'Midnight' Bonsai Tree (ficus benjamina 'midnight') 6 yr 11-13" Tall

$ 90.90

Ficus Midnight Bonsai Tree
(benjamina 'midnight')

  • 6 yrs, 11" - 13" tall from table
  • Potted in a glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot
  • Soil topped w/ decorative landscape pebbles & a textured rock
  • Indoor bonsai for most of USA
  • Grown and trained in the USA
  • Humidity/drip tray & Pebbles are Options
  • Shipping Included in price shown

    New miniature cultivar of the popular Ficus Benjamina with smaller leaves and very dark green color and compact growth habit.

    Great for indoors in lower or higher lighting conditions.

  • Please note: Each of our premium bonsai trees is an individual; your tree will be the age and height described, photo is representative of the type and style of tree but is not a picture of the exact tree that will be shipped Please read our Tree Photo Notes & More Info Link in the Footer.