Dwarf Plum Bonsai Tree
Flowering Indoor Bonsai
(carissa macrocarpa)
4 yr 6-8" T

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Flowering Dwarf Plum - Small
(carissa macrocarpa)

  • 4 years old, 6-8" tall from table
  • Flowering and fruiting deciduous bonsai
  • Humidity Drip Tray is an available option
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  • Native to South Africa, Natal Plum or Dwarf Plum is a semi-tropical evergreen. Featuring tiny umbrella shaped leaves forming a dense green canopy. An adaptable plant it will adjust to most lighting conditions; making it a popular indoor bonsai.
    Natal Plum bears small fragrant, star-shaped white flowers. If hand pollinated, will develop dark red edible, plum-shaped fruit, with seeds rather then pits.
    This is one of the trees that we recommend if you are inexperienced with bonsai or you do not have a green thumb. In our opinion it is one of the easiest bonsai trees to care for and it is a very beautiful trouble-free evergreen.  However, caution should be used in households with pets who chew or lick plants, as parts as of this plant, other then the fruit, are poisonous, especially to dogs.