Indian Downy Jasmine Bonsai Tree Flowering Indoor 8 yr 10 -12" T jasminum 'multiflorum'

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Flowering Downy Jasmine Bonsai Tree  ('jasminum 'multiflorum')


  • 8 yrs old, 10-12" tall, from table top
  • Loves Heat; semi-deciduous below 65F
  • Indoor Bonsai Tree in most of the USA
  • Promotional Humidity Drip Tray is available as an option

  • Native to India, the flowering Downy Jasmine is an evergreen whose stems and leaves are covered with a downy pubescence that gives it an overall green-grayish appearance.  The 2" leaves are ovate; Rounded at the base & opposite each other on the stem. The white clustered, star shaped flowers appear nearly year around; beautiful, though not as fragrant as white star jasmine.
    Does well indoors.

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