Dish Garden Mixed Evergreen Bonsai Trees 4 yr 9" Ficus, Norfolk Pine & Brush Cherry

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Bonsai Dish Garden
Mixed Evergreens 9-11" Tall
(Ficus, Eugenia Myrtifolia & Araucaria heterophylla)

  • 4 - 5 yrs 9-11" tall from table
  • Mixed Evergreen Grouping
  • Indoor Bonsai in most of USA
  • Grown and trained in the USA
  • Humidity Drip Tray (& Pebbles) are available options
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  • Three different bonsai trees are included in our dish garden are all low maintenance indoor material consisting of a Norfolk Island Pine, Ficus and Flowering Brush Cherry. This grouping was put together with easy care in mind.
    These plants vary in cold tolerance, about Zone 9 to Zone 12; this grouping is considered an indoor bonsai in all but Zone 12. Can be moved outdoors for the summer if you wish as long as it moves back indoors when the temperatures move into the 50's.
    Recommended indoor Bonsai.