Chinese Seiju Elm Bonsai Tree Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai 9 yr 13" - 15" tall

$ 68.95

Chinese Seiju Elm
ulmus parvifolia 'seiju'


  • 9 yr 13" - 15" tall from table
  • Deciduous in cold climates
  • Humidity/drip tray is an available Option
  • A Drip Tray Purchased with a Tree ships free
  • May ship without foliage in fall and winter
Native to China, Korea, and Japan, Ulmus parvifolia, commonly known as Chinese Elm or Lace Bark Elm, is a deciduous tree; with a rounded crown; unusual cracked, mottled bark which becomes corky with age.

Seiju is noted for its elliptic, toothed, glossy, dark green leaves, corky bark and resistance to Dutch Elm disease.
This Lace Bark Elm forms small insignificant reddish flowers in late summer; seeds in fall.
'Seiju' is a dwarf cultivar that is primarily used for rock gardens and bonsai. It is sport of Ulmus Parvifolia 'Hokkaido' which features slightly larger leaves and a faster growth rate.
Available 12 months a year. Will have no foliage during winter months.

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