Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Large Ulmus Parvifolia Indoor 12 yrs old, 13" Tall

$ 126.95

Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai Tree
(Ulmus Parvifolia)

  • 12 ys old, 12-13" tall from top of table
  • Traditional curved trunk styling
  • Semi-deciduous; may ship w/o foliage in winter
  • Humidity/drip Tray & Pebbles are Options
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  • Native to China, Korea & Japan; the Chinese Elm Tree has small semi-evergreen leaves with serrated edges and excellent branching characteristics.
    Ulmus Parvifolia is one of the hardiest of the Chinese Elm species; it is versatile with the ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures, lighting & humidity conditions. This climatic adaptability makes it a good Indoor Bonsai. The Chinese elm is highly resistant, but not immune, to Dutch elm disease. It tolerates pruning well; all reasons it is a good choice for beginning bonsai enthusiasts.
    Chinese Elm is considered semi-deciduous. Temperature is the controlling factor for leaf loss; in colder regions leaves color in various shades of red, purple, or yellow.  However, it is evergreen in it's southern range or if kept indoors.
    Adaptability, small serrated leaves, and excellent branching characteristics; makes this tree a popular choice for Bonsai Training.  Our trees have been trained in the traditional curved trunk style.
    Semi-deciduous - May ship without foliage in winter