Bonsai Rock Planting Slab 3 sizes commercial grade GFRC Quality Artificial Rock

$ 69.95

Bonsai Rock Style Planting Slab
Commercial grade GFRC

Quality Artificial Rock -  Unglazed

New! Specially designed Rock Planting Slab for bonsai
Has the look and feel of a real rock

Custom Designed; made by a top artificial rock manufacturer. 
Rock slabs are formed from commercial grade GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete)
Glass fiber reinforced concrete
Custom design


  • Small Slab = 15 X 8 X  - 2 built in drainage holes - 5 lbs  Note: Photo shows 1 full hole and circled punch out; some slabs may come with both holes punched out

  • Medium Slab = 18 X 10 1/2 X  - 4 built in drainage holes - 9 lbs  Note: Photo shows 2 punched holes and 2 circled slits or punch outs;some slabs may have 4 fully punched holes

  • Large Slab = 26 X 16 X  - 6 built in drainage holes - 20 lbs  Note: size of drainage holes will vary
  • Drainage holes can be punched out or enlarged with a screwdriver to suit your needs

  • Shipped via UPS Ground; All
    shipping charges included in price