Bonsai Humidity & Drip Tray Pebbles - Two Sizes Available

$ 7.95

Bonsai Humidity & Drip Tray Pebbles

  • Small Bag - Aprox 6 oz
  • Large Bag - Aprox 3 lbs 
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It is a good idea to add water to your bonsai humidity/drip tray to provide humidity around your tree.
It is also a good idea to raise your bonsai pot out of the water, by lining your tray with River pebbles you accomplish this in an attractive manor.

About the Pictures: 
Type of Stone: The picture of the Small bag, shows the type of pebbles better.  The small bag in front of me contains sizes from about 3/16" to 5/8" irregularly sized, meaning they are not round.  They have been tumbled to remove any really sharp corners but are not smooth.  They are NOT river rocks. 
The Color: The color of the rocks DRY is about what you see in the small bag picture.  WET the stones are closer to the color in the large bag picture.  The  ones I have in my drip tray vary from off white to pale grey when wet.  Both size bags contain the same type of stone. 
Practical Sizing:
Small bag will cover a SMALL tray or can be used as a decorative top cover.  To cover a 6" X 9" Tray you would need TWO small bags.
Large bag covers multiple trays, it is the same stone as the small bag, but approx 8 X the quantity by weight.  Ordered this way you save about $3.50 or more per small bag if shipped individually.  A considerable savings.  
Requests for other sizes:
Currently there is no in-between size bag being stocked. If you really think the large bag is TOO big and you will NEVER use the extra; email me and we can talk about my selling you a partial bag. 
(1 lb or multiples of 1 lb); 
However, this will mean shipping cannot be combined with anything else as they will be shipping from different locations.