Shipping Information Regarding; Weather, Timing & Location

Timing & Location Information refers to all Plants and Trees.  Weather Shipping information is divided into information specific to Outdoor or Indoor Bonsai and included some care information for outdoor bonsai shipped in winter.

Year Round Shipping Information regarding Timing of Shipments which effects all Live Plants & Trees:

In order to prevent live trees from being held by the carrier over the weekend; we ship all orders to arrive before the end of the current week (including Saturday).  To maintain this schedule, we need to receive your order prior to 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday. 
If your order is placed after 1:00 Eastern time on Tuesday, your order will generally be shipped the following Monday with the following exception: If your order is being delivered to an address east of the Mississippi we will do our best to ship your tree for delivery by the end of the current week (including Saturday).
Gift Orders:
f ordering a tree as gift, which you need for a specific date, please email us at:  before ordering for confirmation of the delivery date. 
We would rather confirm delivery in advance, than disappoint you or have to cancel an order. Thanks!
Gift Cards are available. If you e-mail me your message, it will be included, please allow an extra day during the busy holiday season

Shipping Concerns regarding Location:

We cannot ship Live Plants & Trees to Post Office boxes or to unconfirmed addresses. 
If your mail address is a Complex Post Box or a Rural Box which your local carries (UPS, FedEx & USPS) are familiar with, please included the specifics in the "Special Instructions to the Seller" area available during checkout.  This will help our shipping department; they thank you!
We do not ship Live Plants or Trees outside the continental US
with the exception of: Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 
However, all shipments outside the continental US need special attention and there is a surcharge of $15.00 minimum.  Additionally there are restrictions on plants shipped to Hawaii & Puerto Rico.  You, the customer, are responsible for knowing any restrictions specific to your location.

Combined Shipping:
Due to the nature of the product combined shipping is not possible on Bonsai Trees.  This means there is no savings on  2 Trees shipped together, due to size / packed volume. 
However, we can combine Trees with promotional drip trays, moisture meters, some fertilizer  &  other small items.  We will combined shipping whenever possible, as long as there
is no danger to the tree.

Winter Shipping Issues for Indoor Bonsai:
Indoor Bonsai fall into several categories; Tropical warm/wet climate plants, Succulent warm/dry climate plants or Plants which cannot be considered "outdoor" in the colder locations in the continental US.  
What all "Indoor" trees have in common, is they cannot ship when temperatures are below certain limits, at night, in any location between the Grower in New York State and Your location. 
Some are species are hardier then others; some can ship as long as it is not freezing (35-40F), with other species the shipping cut off is around 50-55F.  During most winters there are times when it is warm enough to ship most indoor bonsai from NY to warmer climates.  
The grower is very experienced; they watch weather across the US all winter and time shipments accordingly.  The Grower has put a lot of work & care into growing & training your Bonsai. If you decide to order an Indoor Bonsai during winter, know that the grower will ship ASAP when it is safe for your tree. 
You have some basic choices; you can order and the grower will ship as soon as possible (gift certificate/cards are available) or you can wait for better weather then place your order. 
Thank You for your understanding.

Winter Shipping Issues for Outdoor Bonsai:
OUTDOOR Bonsai are shippable all  12 Months a year. Outdoor bonsai can be shipped when temperatures are below freezing at night, but you need to know that they will be in a dormant state, basically frozen when they arrive. 
Your tree must be watered when it arrives.
Correct care is to over winter your tree in a sheltered Outdoor Location or an Unheated Garage or Shed. 
If you over winter in a Shed or Garage, which does not receive rain; you need water at least every 2 weeks. 
If you are new to Bonsai or have never over wintered a tree, in the location you choose; check the soil every week during the first few weeks to determine the frequency needed.  This is especially important if the humidity in your climate / location tends to be low.  Make sure the soil does not go dry.
You can over winter in a sheltered outdoor, the location should  provide some wind / temperature shelter or you can mulch.  However, the tree must not be covered with plastic or anything that would prevent natural watering

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nancy at: