Yaupon Holly 'Will Fleming' 3 Tree Forest Group Outdoor Bonsai 4 yr 16-18" T

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Yaupon Holly 'Will Fleming' 3 Tree Forest Group
(ilex vamitoria)

Specie of holly native to South Eastern North America. The word yaupon was derived from yopún, which is a diminutive form of the word yop, meaning "tree".
The leaves are smooth and shiny and are rounded at the tip and base. 
The leaves and twigs contain caffeine; were used by American Indians to prepare a ceremonial tea.
We grow three trees to a pot, to give the appearance of a grove or forest scene.
Hardy Zones 5a to 9b.  keep outdoors.
An outdoor bonsai in zones 7-10; it needs protection, or to be brought indoors for the winter, in colder climates 

  • 4 years old, 16-18" tall from top of table
  • Outdoor evergreen bonsai in most of the USA
  • Grown & Trained in the USA
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