olea europaea 'arbequina'
11 yrs old, 18" Tall" />

Arbequina Oive Bonsai Tree "S" Trunk Style
olea europaea 'arbequina'
11 yrs old, 18" Tall

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Arbequina Olive Bonsai
(olea europaea 'arbequina')

  • 11 yrs 18" tall from table
  • Flowering & fruiting bonsai
  • Indoor Bonsai in most of the USA
  • Grown & trained in the USA
  • Drip Tray & Pebbles are Options
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  • The Arbequina Olive was imported to Europe from Palestine in the seventeenth century. Originally, grown mostly in Catalonia Spain, it has become a dominant cultivar world wide due to its drought tolerance; profuse fruiting, mild flavor & high oil concentration.
    The fruit is highly aromatic, green to dark brown in color. This unique variety it will begin to ripen during November but does not always ripen simultaneously.
    Beautiful grey-green foliage makes it very desirable for Bonsai. It should be considered an indoor Bonsai in most of the USA.
    This cultivar blooms in mid summer. To bloom well this Bonsai requires lots of bright light and appreciates being outdoors in the summer when possible.
    Cultivated in ground, this plant is cold tolerant to about 30 degrees (zones 8-11); at 14 F it may die back to roots.
    As a bonsai (container plant), it should only be considered an outdoor Bonsai in zones 10b -11. This tree is an evergreen, unless exposed to low temperatures.
    This tree can self pollinate, but are fruit more profusely when cross pollinated. Grown as a Bonsai primarily for it's attractive trunk, foliage and flowers; ours trees are being trained in the "S" trunk style.
    Recommended as an indoor Bonsai.

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