Flowering Ligustrum Bonsai Tree Curved Trunk Style 9 yrs 10-12" tall Indoor Bonsai

$ 114.95

Ligustrum Bonsai Tree Curved Trunk Style
(ligustrum lucidum)

  • 9 yrs old, 10-12" tall from table
  • Potted in Glazed Ceramic Container
  • Promotional humidity/drip tray is available; see Options
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  • Native to China and Eastern Asia, Ligustrum is grown as an ornamental in the United States; bearing attractive White flowers, in late spring and early summer.
    The berries are employed as a "yin" tonic in traditional Chinese medicine for a wide range of conditions, including premature aging, ringing in the ears and chronic toxicity.
    This tree trunk has been trained in a classic attractive curve style.
    Does Well Indoors