Wine Grape Pink Reliance Bonsai Grape Outdoor Bonsai Deciduous 11 yr 23-25" T

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Wine Grape Pink Reliance Bonsai Tree
(Vitis Labrusca ‘reliance’)

  • 11 years old, 23 to 25" tall from table top
  • Outdoor Fruiting Bonsai Tree
  • Promotional humidity/drip tray is available; see options 
  • May have no foliage during autumn and Winter
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The Pink Reliance Seedless grape is a fruit which has been developed to possess no mature seeds; allowing them to be convenient as well as commercially valuable.
The seedless trait in grapes was originally derived from cultivars of ancient origin, such as Thompson Seedless and Black Monukka.
Will have no foliage during winter months.
Deciduous, Keep Outdoors

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