Juniper Stone Landscape Scene procumbens nana
6 years old 11" tall

$ 116.95

Juniper Stone Landscape Scene Large Outdoor
(Juniper Procumbens "nana")

Tree Features:
  • 6 years old; 11" tall, from table
  • Recommended outdoor bonsai tree
  • Humidity drip tray is an available Options
  • Special! Free Pebbles when you purchase a Drip Tray
  • Free Shipping
This is an impressive, trouble-free evergreen is an excellent tree for the beginner.  Procumbens "nana" is a dwarf Juniper from Japan; it is the most popular evergreen in the U.S.  When we think of a traditional bonsai;  what Bonsai should look like, most people think of a "Juniper Procumbens Nana."

Details - Pot and Landscape:

The rocks selected for this unusual arrangement are imported, acid washed; cut & cemented into one side of the pot; leaving an ample well to hold water between them.
A ceramic bridge is cemented to the rocks on either side. A pagoda figurine is added; cemented to the stone located above the bridge.
To complete the scene, we add a miniature, glazed, mud figurine fisherman; overlooking the water, holding a fishing pole, & fish.
On the opposite side of this restful scene, we have selected for planted the ever popular Juniper bonsai.
The entire landscape is arranged in an attractive, glazed, imported ceramic container.

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